so. my secret online web diary/spit/food trough/hole/code pussy... just dont tell dad ;)!
Brb going 2 shit really hard and piss a little with my big man balls.

About me

  • Name:Leo / Alien
  • Age: 18
  • Pronouns: He/They
  • Intrests: 90s FPS, machinima, old web, surreal art, cult research,
    science fiction, comics, 1337, valve games, 2000s anime, valve games, your mom
  • How many murders: 2
  • Facts: I am an autsitic queer trans guy. so basically the scum on the shoe of reddit.
    I am sexy and headline in many movies like "faggot get absolutely DESTROYED by ayn rand fanboy"

  • Prove to me your flesh meat is plentiful.
    the only consequense is what you make it

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