A universe built on faulty circutry

The year is 3099 and our earth is merely a relic. Our culture is disolved and interpreted by the unknown hands of the extraterrestrial; aliens if you will. Humanity has found the best way to survive is to coexist. A simple solution, really. You'd think they would've thought of this before they nuked Ulith- but humans don't even know the diffrence between an anal speincter and a anal specture (you should get that checked out). The Galactic Republic of the Universal Ideal (GROTUI)commands the stars and planets, their alliance being a joining of control. Once humanity joined, GROTUI observed that there were too many of us to properly exist in their orgination of the galaxy. Only then was the Slin system converted into intergalactic austrailia. Anyone who was poor, refugee, criminal, anything that would make your resume look bad were moved to this system as a form of nearly inescaplable exile. The GROTUI's new system proved perfect for them; needing little hands on regulation and gave more job opportunities to those on the outside. Overall, less work. They just had to sacrifice the well being of about 20 million beings across the galaxy. Nothing wrong with that, huh?

Let's untangle those wires.

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- Just a passerby. Hn'ath!

Key Characters


  • Pronouns: They/ Them
  • Species: Ulith

  • Adopted child of Commander Vipren and reknowned pirate. Whatever BB's real name is..is relativly unknown. They're sworn to secrecy under the polx syndicate chip implanted in their frontal lobe. BB's partner Angel named them, aw how sweet...I hope it doesnt stand for big butt that would be not sweet. That would be very weird. Captain to the M.S.S Casiopeia; a converted old war vessel. Currently atempting escape from their adopted father figure after revealing syndicate plans and selling off stolen polx syndicate belongings. Whoops. One of the last Uliths known to be alive since the nuclear erradication of planet ulith in 2096. Likes gambling, Naethan metal, masculine people, drinking, painting nails and doing anything to shake the polx syndicate.

    Angel Niiatrite

  • Pronouns: He/They
  • Species: Human-Phirlon

  • Hybrid burlesque dancer that has a special intrest in lizards. After an assult in the alleys of the Anium moon found himself without his left arm in the middle of a cybernetics shop. The owner just so happened to be renowned cybernetitist Vektro Takei shortly before his timely assasination; who built Angel an arm for free with precious metals. Angel kept working at club Mechtropolis till BB bet on him for a private performce, where BB reveals the Polx syndicate is hunting him for his arm. Also wants to be a tattoo artist. Likes green, man eatting lizards, burlesque, traveling, wearing BB's shirts and laser pistols.

    Daedulus Vipren

  • Pronouns: Any
  • Species: Naethan

  • Vile and Gracious Leader of the widley feared and mocked P0lx Syndicate. Takes pride in its work and time being an intergalactic crime lord- since it doesn't have much else to do. Born to an infamous mad scientist and creator of multiple living experiments; it dedicated its life to destroying any last trace of it father's legacy- even if that means cold blooded murder. And murder it shall be. Catch Commander Vipren relaxing and writting poetry by the loading bay or catch him murdering some random Stressux for a capri sun shipment. In any case those daddy issues alone make him be a high risk criminal. Somehow keeps escaping death's row. Likes Poetry, wearing heavy jackets but being scantily clad underneath, smoking, The mutts, naethan metal, being a pirate, big guns and dancing the tango.


  • Pronouns: xe/xem
  • Species: Mutt

  • Head Mechanic of the p0lx Sydicate and one of the main mutts saved in the dissovling of the Chimera Project. Xe is an expert of hacking and cybernetics due to being created with the left brain of Vektro Takei's ancestor. A known coward and litteral kiss ass to Commander Vipren; Wincko is partial to working on the sidelines and staying back to watch over the ship. Most if not everyone in the syndiacte hates xem for their annoying aura that resinates through the halls of the Syndicates one and only Cerbella class-C. Despite being hated, Wincko gets the job done quick and well- usually leading to getting member of the month on repeat. Xir stressux eye acts as a scanner due to xir eye implant. Likes Commander Vipren, working, online fourms, having an evil laugh, pizza, Commander Vipren, robotics and hacking.


  • Pronouns: They/Them
  • Species: Mutt

  • Brother to Wincko (by having the right side of the stressux brain they share) and infamous P0lx Syndicate agent. After serving the syndicate for about 14 cycles, Binni decided they had enough and escaped to the Femiure moon and joined the New-age Juggalos. They made this change due to the hatred for Commander Vipren and its leadership. Binni doesn't like being unethical in any shape or form and everything has to align with their morals. Ppppfft. Control Freak. Due to overwhelming facial injuries wears a gasmask because they think it looks cool. Likes revoltion, freedom, you have nothing but your chains.